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Grubhub Plus Launches – The Savings Are Actually Good!

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  • Grubhub Plus Launches – The Savings Are Actually Good!

    Have you been considering getting into ordering delivery from one of the many competing delivery services including Grub Hub and Door Dash?

    Today Grub Hub stepped up their game to try and make it more enticing to use their service on a regular basis.

    They are launching what they call Grub Hub Plus.  You can continue to use their service as normal or for $10/mo upgrade to plus.

    What does plus get you?  The main to perks are 10% back on orders and free delivery at some restaurants.

    Is it worth it?  I have 60 places to order from based upon my address and about 6 opted in at launch to Grub Hub Plus.  If I order from them regularly it is an amazing deal just for the free delivery.

    If you don’t love the Plus restaurants in your area the 10% money back deal is worth it alone as long as you spend over $100/mo with Grub Hub.

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