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Chick Fil A Sauce In Stores – 16 Ounce Bottles

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  • Chick Fil A Sauce In Stores – 16 Ounce Bottles


    Chick Fil A is offering their Chick Fil A sauce and Polynesian Sauce in 16 Ounce Bottles in Florida.

    If you shop at Target, Publix, or other places in Florida you will have access to the new sauce bottles.

    The sauces are available in 8 ounce bottles at all or most Chick Fil A locations as well.

    The in store 16 ounce bottles are going to fund the Chick Fil A team member scholarship fund.  In fact 100% of the bottle’s proceeds will go to the charity.

    Need a Chick Fil A fix on a Sunday when the chain is famously closed?  Grab an 8 ounce or 16 ounce bottle of sauce today and fire up the grill at home on Sunday.

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