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Price At The Pump Now Under $1/Gallon

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  • Price At The Pump Now Under $1/Gallon


    One gas station this week went viral for selling it’s gas at $.99/gallon.  It remains sold out days later but has the price of $.99/gallon for all that pass by.

    While this is still not yet available to everyone prices have started dropping at the pump and experts say some states may see actual pricing of $.99/gallon at the pump.

    In Texas a station is Sugarland is selling gas for $1.22/gallon.

    In Florida Sam’s Club and Costco have select locations at $1.59/gallon.

    North Carolina has a gas station at $1.22/gallon while over all state average is now dropping below $1.60 at the pump.

    With demand down while people are staying home oil prices will continue to fall bringing some state prices to an average of $1/gallon according to some oil experts.

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