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Xbox One X Is No Longer Being Made?

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  • Xbox One X Is No Longer Being Made?


    It appears as though the Xbox One X is ceasing production or may already have done so.

    Microsoft is pushing retailers to promote lower than expected prices on their Xbox One X inventory and asking that they then focus on selling cheap Xbox One S All Digital Edition consoles until the new next gen console hits store shelves latter this year.

    Microsoft is likely redoing it’s Xbox One X factories into next gen Xbox Series X factory lines since they are stating despite the current situation we all are facing, Xbox feels the mostly Chinese factory supply line is almost completely back up and running and they plan to still launch the Xbox Series X latter this year.

    They haven’t mentioned price or date exactly but they have made it easy to guess the basic time frame and price.

    Phil Spencer himself, head of Xbox, recently told IGN’s Unlocked that he sees a subscription model being a real part of their sales strategy.  If you want to buy the console out right up front that will be an option and possibly the only option at Amazon and Walmart.  But you will have the option at select locations including and Microsoft Stores to sign up for a subscription for 2 years where you own the console at the end.  The subscription may be around $30/mo give or take and include two years of game pass and live gold.

    The exact date is also unknown to actually buy the new console but they say Holiday 2020.

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