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Pac Man 40th Anniversary Arcade1up – Available Soon for $399

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  • Pac Man 40th Anniversary Arcade1up – Available Soon for $399


    Arcade1up has been promoting this new Pacman/Galga 40th Anniversary Edition machine for over half a year now with the price of $499.  My Youtube feed has pics of this and headlines that talk about it from time to time.

    All of the video game Youtubers that follow Arcade1up were surprised by the unexpected preorder popping up on at the unexpected price of just $399.

    The listing is still taking preorders and says the machine will be available in less than 3 weeks with free 2 day shipping.

    This multicade from Arcade1up includes 7 games perfect for everyone to have a blast.

    A more premium $499 edition will be made available at which includes a light up marquee and a pacman stool.  The keyboard will also glow in the dark.  These 3 features won’t be in the $399 Walmart version.

    Click here for the full post including photos