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Grab Toybox Turbos FREE Today On Xbox

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  • Grab Toybox Turbos FREE Today On Xbox


    Grab this fun Xbox game for free today if you are a gold member.  This fun classic Xbox 360 game is playable on your Xbox One and will remain in your account and be playable for free on your next gen Xbox available this Holiday 2020.

    Toybox Turbos is described by the publisher as, “Codemasters reboots the classic table top racing experience in Toybox Turbos! Collect & customise 35 vehicles, take on 18 crazy tracks & send your rivals into a spin with awesome power-ups, including mines, machine guns & giant car-mounted hammers! Master 6 modes in the single-player game, or take on 4 player multiplayer – local, online, or with a mix – perfect for one-more-go gaming sessions!”

    A second game is also free right now called

    Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle ($22.49 value).

    If you are considering buying an Xbox for all the time you are at home, this is a monthly thing Xbox does. They give you 4 free games that you get to keep for life as long as you are a gold member.  Since Gold Membership is $5/mo when bought annually and they have specials and sales on this bringing it down to $45/yr sometimes and since gold is required to play online and you get about $1,000/yr worth of free games most people subscribe to gold without hesitation.  As a result most Xbox owners see this as a free game but technically you pay $60/yr for access to claim these free games.

    For an extra $10/mo ($14.99/mo total) you get 200+ good games to play with Game Pass on Xbox and on PC in addition to the 4 games per month you keep forever.  Think of it like Netflix for games, and the value is actually incredible.  And yes your Xbox can play Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu, and it is a little better than a slim streaming device at it.

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