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Arby’s 2 For $6 Now Includes GREEK GYRO

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  • Arby’s 2 For $6 Now Includes GREEK GYRO


    Arby’s is making it’s everyday value meal better by including a traditional greek gyro in the mix.

    Everyday you can grab any two premium sandwiches for six bucks.  The Crispy Chicken sandwich on premium bun, the famous classic beef n cheddar, and now the traditional greek gyro.

    The Traditional Greek Gyro has flame-seared, knife carved gyro meat and Greek seasoning with sliced red onion, sliced tomatoes, shredded iceberg lettuce, and creamy tzatziki sauce on warm, folded pita bread.

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    I don't eat at Arby's too often but I know they have been having a lot of good deals lately because everyone is stuck at home. I think my father likes these as well. I will have to pick up a few for him and drop them off at my parent's house when I know my mother isn't cooking for them.