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How To Have a Cable Lineup For ONLY $50/mo. Hulu Does This and This Is NOT A SALE.

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  • How To Have a Cable Lineup For ONLY $50/mo. Hulu Does This and This Is NOT A SALE.


    There is a good chance you already have Hulu for about $6 to $12 a month.  You may consider it your main TV app or one that you wish you watched more because you saw they have a very large amount of content to choose from.

    Well if you want you can turn Hulu into a pretty solid cable channel lineup within the same app and get a huge discount on Disney+ at the same time.  And it includes a DVR, the $9.99/mo upgraded DVR is optional.

    For less than $50/mo you can add on about 70 of the greatest cable channels including ESPN and your broadcast channels.

    Sure they are missing a few channels, but you can actually get almost everything you enjoy on cable plus a huge on demand offering from both Hulu and Disney+, as well as ESPN+.

    The cable company wants $50/mo for the first 12 months, then jack the cost up to almost $200/mo after that.  Hulu is simply $50/mo for the months you want Live TV and no contract.

    And yes, they have HBO, Starz, Showtime, & Cinemax at reasonable prices as well.

    Think you are missing a few channels still?  Check out Pluto TV with 265 quality free to view channels to sit next to your Hulu app.  Add in free Youtube and cheap Netflix and you have not only cut the cord, you are now sitting pretty with possibly a better content and a better channel lineup for a literal fraction of the cost.

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