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33% of Nevada Homes Solar Powered With New Project

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  • 33% of Nevada Homes Solar Powered With New Project


    There is a new solar project in Nevada, the biggest ever approved by the U.S. government, which has a pretty interesting and worth mentioning change to for the region.  33% of homes within just 2 years will now be powered by the new Warren Buffet solar project.

    When Nevada was less populated, pretty much before The Mirage was built about 30 years ago, Nevada was one of the greenest energy states in the country.  The Hoover damn produces quiet a bit of energy, and few states had started meaningful attempts to make green energy for their power grids.

    But by 2005 thanks to the fact that Nevada’s growth, mostly in the Vegas Valley, had already been so tremendous that the state had to ask the utility company, Nevada Power, to get to 20% green energy within a decade by 2015.

    Unrelated to this 20% mandate that NV Power had happily agreed to at the time, Trump just signed a $1,000,000,000 subsidy to Warren Buffet’s new 690 megawatt project.  This project will provide enough energy to power 260,000 homes which is almost exact 1/3 of the total number of households in the state census.

    Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said the project “delivers” on Trump’s objective to get Americans back to work.

    “As our economy rebounds from the invisible enemy, President Trump is working to make the United States stronger than ever before. Our economic resurgence will rely on getting America back to work, and this project delivers on that objective,” he said.

    The solar installation will derive energy from photovoltaic solar panels and a 380-megawatt battery storage system.

    “The reality that we’re seeing [is] an era of energy independence and energy abundance, which we won’t have predicted six or eight years ago,” U.S. Energy Association Executive Director Barry Worthington.

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