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Twitch Is On Your LG TV Now

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  • Twitch Is On Your LG TV Now


    Do you own a LG TV, if so you probably have a smart LG TV since they make a little money off the smart tv features they stopped making it a premium feature.

    If you go to the content LG store you will notice the game streaming platform Twitch has made it’s way to LG TVs.  It is the official app that was removed from Roku and other devices while Amazon tried to push Twitch users to it’s Fire TV platform.  But now they are quietly adding Twitch back to more competing platforms and I say good for them.

    On my version of the OS Twitch is trending as the #4 app already with Youtube as #1.

    The Twitch app is live now and free, you will still need another platform to interact with your favorite streamers this will allow you to casually view a large variety of streamers playing games right now.

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