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Xbox Series X – Most Powerful and Most Compatible System – Explained –

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  • Xbox Series X – Most Powerful and Most Compatible System – Explained –


    Xbox is swinging hard to win the next gen console race.  They asked to stopped calling it console wars because they work well with Sony and Nintendo, explaining that when gamers play any system it grows the quality and depth of third party games helping all who love to play video games regardless of the console they choose.

    Xbox however is trying to win next gen with it’s tagline Most Powerful and Most Compatible.

    Next gen the Xbox is spec’ed out by Microsoft so well they are the clear most powerful, but the Playstation 5 will be truly amazing even side by side.

    The surprising twist for next gen is Playstation is not into backward compatibility that much while Xbox is all in.

    Backward compatibility allows you to play games from the previous 3 generations of Xbox, better, and for free, on the new Series X.  If you already own a nice library of Xbox games now they will all be upgraded and playable free on your new Series X.

    This huge selection of classics will win over the gamer that loves classic retro titles, while Playstation’s approach may increase the power and quality of new games on PS5 by forcing PS4 owners to next gen much sooner.

    Xbox Series X games can be down converted to play on Xbox One through smart delivery.  Playstation is not interested in doing this at all.  It will be interesting to see which approach players and developers like the most.

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