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EPIC Games & Sony Team Up with Sony’s $250 Million Dollar Investment

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  • EPIC Games & Sony Team Up with Sony’s $250 Million Dollar Investment

    Microsoft was told for the last half of a decade or more by both it’s fans and investors that it’s Xbox division needs more exclusives.  They had three of the best games ever as exclusive…  Halo, Gears of War, and Forza racing…  but fans needed more and didn’t stop saying it.

    Xbox heard their cries and mildly over corrected by buying about 10 successful game studios and making them first party and mostly exclusive.  Now they entered the talks to buy WB Games which includes Mortal Kombat and would cost $4 Billion if they do make the purchase.

    Sony, while huge, is very very small compared to the $1.3 Trillion Microsoft market cap and can’t compete on bidding wars for studios.  Instead Sony made this great deal, a $250 million investment in Fortnite & Epic.  This will be solidifying it’s partnership with one of the biggest names in games, Epic games, which owns the Unreal Engine, the PC Epic Game Store, and Fortnite.

    Xbox technically owns Minecraft, but sells it to every single platform including Playstation.  The only advantage Xbox players have with Minecraft is it is “free” with game pass, a $10/mo game subscription for Xbox and PC.

    Sony’s move to invest heavily in Fornite ownership, but not enough to take it exclusive, allows Xbox to sell Mortal Kombat multi-platform while obtaining the talent and IP’s of WB Games for other unknown future games if it does buy WB Games.

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