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The Top 10 Most Watched Netflix Original Films Ever

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  • The Top 10 Most Watched Netflix Original Films Ever

    Netflix has made some amazing original films.  Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have starred in these blockbuster movie events including Seth Rogen, Will Smith, and Adam Sandler.

    Extraction and Bird Box are the two Netflix movies that are currently the most watched in the first 4 weeks of their release.  As of yet no film has past 100 million views in the first 30 days, but Extraction came close at 99 million views.

    These numbers are a little skewed towards the most recent releases because global Netflix subscriber counts are way up and some of these movies debuted during quarantine allowing them to have many more views than a normal 4 week period.

    If you are now interested in turning on Netflix, The Wrong Missy just debuted in 2020 starring David Spade (pictured above) and is viewable in 4k now.

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