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  • How To Cut The Cord – Free Ebook –

    In this ebook we will discuss multiple ways to cut the cord.

    Here are the main reasons people cut the cord, and we will discuss the ideal setup for each situation.
    1. people cut the cord to save money wanting to pay next to nothing (we will explain how to do this right)
    2. people cut the cord to save a bit of money while improving upon the old cable experience (we will show you how to do this as well)
    3. people cut the cord to reduce stress in their homes and lives (we will show you a fun inexpensive setup that includes a $7.99/mo calm radio app, but has enough entertainment that you can stick to this for a year or longer to really help yourself calm down)
    4. people cut the cord because they like video games more than tv (we will explain how to make this work well for you if you already did this or are interested in this, and save big)
    5. people cut the cord for moral/religious reasons (the best place to start is downloading the pluto tv app and watching the family friendly channels including the multiple religious stations like TBN, then you can watch Bill O’Reilly and TBN for free with multiple family friendly channels in between.  you do still have to filter what you and your family watch, but your monthly charge goes from hundreds to $0/mo and they only profit off of what you actually watch).
    6. people cut the cord because they don’t watch much (we will cover how to have access to high end entertainment at a low price, when mixed with PPV you can actually have all the best movies and shows for cheap)

    What equipment do you need?
    • your existing tv might have some smart apps like youtube, pluto tv, netflix, hulu, espn+, disney+, vudu (this is a great way to get started finding great content outside of your cable box)
    • LG is the company putting the most effort into having a truly impressive and quality app store experience that is actually consumer friendly rather than a way to just make money off the store — but most tv’s now have an app store with the same netflix, youtube, and disney+ apps
    • the most popular plug in equipment options include tivo, roku, fire tv, apple tv, playstation, xbox
    • yep, that’s all you need, $29+ onetime fee per tv ends all your monthly equipment, dvr, and additional outlet payments to the cable company

    What are the first apps I should download?
    • youtube, pluto tv, hulu/disney+/espn+, vudu — also get an antenna for behind the tv or in the attic–while there are amazing apps like netflix, hbo max, and youtube tv to add on to the above ….  the above lineup costs just $12.99/mo and gives you over a billion hours of quality entertainment in an easy to understand and navigate way
    • for some of you, you will be happy with a tivo or xbox and these above apps (and an antenna).  you really don’t need to much more than this for the first few months, but you should check out Dash radio, iHeart Radio, SirirusXM, Pandora, Spotify since these are your main music options which are all better than music choice
    • if you cut the cord to increase your calm… i’d siggest you only get Disney+ without Hulu/Espn+ and use the $7/mo savings for the commercial free calmradio app

    I’ve got some budget left over and I want to replicate cable what are my options?
    • ATT TV
    • ATT TV Now
    • Youtube TV
    • Vidgo TV
    • Sling TV
    • Fubo TV
    • add on live channels to Hulu
    • Philo TV and Frndly TV have smaller lineups, but cost MUCH less ($6/mo to $20/mo)
    • In select markets Tmobile has a quality lineup and service currently called Tvision.  But it’s only in about 10 cities.  But it does cover 20,000,000 people in L.A.

    Now I want to upgrade my lineup. What are my options?
    • there are now hundreds of specialized add ons in the app stores from Nickelodeon shows from the 90’s to BET+, these typically are between $5.99 to $9.99 per month.
    • the most popular add ons are Peacock, HBO Max, Frndly TV, Pandora/SiriusXM, Showtime, Youtube Premium, Starz, Funimation/Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime

    What if some months I want lots of channels for free, how do I watch TV these months?
    • the youtube and iheart radio apps are very committed to a real free option and provide endless entertainment
    • Distro TV, Pluto TV, Roku Channel, Box1, STIRR all have 25+ live TV channels with at least a few high quality brands like Weather Channel or MTV surrounding high quality free channels === best of all not one of these services even wants your credit card for anything
    • if you have a quality reception for antenna, consider the $400 tivo box built for antenna with no cable equipment inside, you will have a free lifetime dvr with ABC and Fox plus a huge app store next to this

    What are the most popular religious apps?
    • most of the free tv services include some religious channels, including pluto tv and box1
    • spirit tv, tbn/hillsong, cbn, daystar, joyce meyers, joel olsteen, ctn, ewtn are some of the top apps and are all free for life

    I like video games, can I save money with an Xbox while replicating cable?
    • yes!  $14.99/mo game pass unlimited gives you 300 games to play for free all you want unlimited time
    • the xbox app store offers Hulu w/Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Youtube TV (plus thousands of other apps)
    • equipment starts around $250 onetime (at $13.99/mo your cable box costs $250 every 17.9 months)
    • Playstation is basically the same as above, they call their game subscription Playstation Now.  But everyone currently agrees Xbox game pass is the better subscription and they currently have more Live TV apps on Xbox.  However if you like Playstation better then grab one and enjoy cause it is a great experience as well!
    • If you are really into video games here are the upgrades to place around your Xbox or Playstation.  Arcade1up ($399), Nintendo Switch ($199-$299), Nano Tech 4k TV ($2,000 to $5,000), Xbox Elite Controller ($179), game console media remote ($29), 2nd console to play with friends IRL ($250+)

    How do I make it so I NEVER PAY another bill ever again while having access to any show or movie on earth when I want it?
    • Youtube, Pluto TV, Vudu, PLUS install an Antenna and the Dash Radio and iHeart radio app
    • Vudu has ever show and movie ever made (well almost) and you pay $2/ per show or a few bucks per movie you actually watch.  They also have over 1,000 quality movie and shows “free with ads”.
    • Let’s say you end up just watching American Dad or Gilmore Girls most days with your $100/mo+ cable subscription.  Vudu will sell you a “season pass” to these shows in HDX with no commercials.  You never pay again and you can re-watch these shows as often as you want.
    • With this setup you will never pay a monthly free for home entertainment ever again.
    • Tivo and Roku are the cheapest ways to plug in a premium app store to your existing tv.

    Click here for the full post including photos