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Journey to Japan at Disney’s Epcot

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  • Journey to Japan at Disney’s Epcot


    Now that Epcot has recently reopened, you can once again travel the globe here at Disney World! Tour Japan… just one of 12 international pavilions surrounding the World Showcase Lagoon.

    The stunning Torii Gate — “gateway to the sacred” — set in the shallows of the World Showcase Lagoon, invites you to enter the Japan Pavilion. The gate… complete with fake barnacles for authenticity… is patterned after the original in Hiroshima Bay built in the 12th century. A perfect photo op with Epcot‘s famous Spaceship Earth in the distance.

    The impressive Gojunoto = “five-tiered” Japanese Pagoda is a replica of the original at Nara, built in the 8th century. Catch a thundering show of the Matsuriza drummers displaying the time-honored art of traditional Taiko drumming… performed daily at the pagoda. Quite an amazing spectacle!

    Continue on through the courtyard, past the samurai warrior sculptures, to the White Heron Castle inspired by the Himeji-jo Castle in Japan… exhibiting typical 17th century castle architecture. Cross the bridge over the moat to the Bijutsu-kan Gallery where you can view Kawaii: Japan’s Cute Culturequite an interesting exhibit of this international phenomenon.

    Stroll through the manicured Japanese gardens with bonsai, bamboo, stone lanterns, waterfalls and a koi pond filled with colorful fish… a peaceful respite from the crowds.

    Stop by the Garden House for a unique and refreshing beverage… frozen Kirin Beer! Cool off with a Kakigori… Japanese shave ice… at the Kabuki Cafe.

    Enjoy a traditional teppanyaki dining experience at Teppan Edo… where skilled chefs artfully prepare a meal at your table. The performance alone is a must-see… and the stir fry is excellent.

    Next door is Tokyo Dining offering authentic Japanese dishes… Sushi, Tempura and the popular Bento Boxes… all with a panoramic view of the World Showcase Lagoon.

    Become immersed in a creative dining experience at Takumi-Tei — “House of the Artisan”… the new gourmet restaurant at the Japan Pavilion. The cuisine is outstanding… and pricey. Featured specialties include… Maki Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri, Braised Wagyu Beef & Roasted Duck. Their Omakase Tasting Menu — $150 per person — offers a six course meal of chef- inspired daily creations…. culminating in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

    The Japanese teahouse on the hill is Katsura Grill, a light dining option. Sample their California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls or Teriyaki Salmon paired with flavorful plum wine or sake. Relax with your meal outdoors in the tranquil garden setting.

    Mitsukoshi is an international department store based in Tokyo… whose sign boasts “since 1673”… a surprisingly true fact! Browse through this fascinating store offering everything from kimonos and tea sets to Japanese geta = sandals and swords.

    Choose from the vast array of Hello Kitty souvenirs before you say sayonara to the Japan Pavilion!

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