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McDonald’s Is Making It’s Nuggets SPICY

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  • McDonald’s Is Making It’s Nuggets SPICY

    September 16th McDonald’s will change the nugget game in a big, big, big way.

    You will still be able to get standard McNuggets, but on the 16th you will be able to choose spicy nuggets instead.

    In addition to the spicy nuggets flavored in the batter with a hot and spicy blend of spices you can grab McDonald’s hottest ever new sauce, Mighty Hot Sauce which has a blend of spicy chili’s and garlic.

    To cool things off they will also be introducing their first new nationwide flavor addition for McFlurry in a long time.  The new Chips Ahoy cookie McFlurry will be swirled with caramel syrup in the thick soft ice cream treat.

    All three items are called a limited time offering.

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