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Details For Xbox Series X and S | Price, Game Pass, EA, Deals, Date, Preorder?

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  • Details For Xbox Series X and S | Price, Game Pass, EA, Deals, Date, Preorder?

    Windows Central and Youtuber Brad Sams got the scoop early and gave a ton of details about the next gen Xbox, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

    Lot’s to cover in this huge, almost all confirmed by Microsoft Xbox Series X & S information day.

    First the price is official at $299 for the Xbox Series S which will have many of the exact same speed and other premium next gen features, only reducing graphics to 1440 or 1080 and the SSD hard drive to 512gig rather than the 1 Terabyte Series X hard drive size.

    This confirmation is incredible because it means that those that pick Xbox Series S will have the same multiplayer game play speed and features only with lower graphic resolution as those with an Xbox Series X.  This means Xbox Series X players get to play the game in multiplayer at it’s best possible speed and settings.

    Xbox Series X will cost just $499 rather than the previously rumor or “leak” of a price point suggesting $599.

    Both will be a part of the cost saving Xbox All Access plan giving users a Series S for $24.99/mo or a Series X for $34.99/mo both include Game Pass Ultimate for the 2 years.  You of course own the hardware at the end of the two years and the price then drops to just $14.99/mo for Game Pass Ultimate.

    Game Pass Ultimate recently got a free upgrade to include game streaming to mobile phones and tablets and today just got another huge free perk, unlimited access to EA Play which includes tons of EA Titles on Xbox, PC, and Xbox Mobile.

    Xbox Preorders start September 22nd.

    Xbox Series X and S both hit shelves November 10th, 2020.

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