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HBO Max Plans A CHEAPER Ad Supported Option

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  • HBO Max Plans A CHEAPER Ad Supported Option

    HBO Max is a great deal for some considering cable was charging $20/mo for HBO a decade ago in some parts of the country and the new HBO Max has added Billions of Dollars of original content and bonus content like South Park, Big Bang Theory and Friends.  Many love the new $14.99/mo price on Youtube TV and Hulu w/Live TV.

    However ATT, the new owner of HBO and Warner Media, wants HBO to reach everyone with HBO Max more like Netflix.

    To achieve this goal they are planning to offer a cheaper option if you are OK with a few ads.

    ATT plans to keep some programs in the premium tier and keep the premium ad free tier at the current $14.99/mo price.

    No word yet on pricing or the exact date of the new cheaper option’s launch date, only that it is planned and will come sooner than latter.

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