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Rogue Company – Team Shooter Game is Now Free To Play

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  • Rogue Company – Team Shooter Game is Now Free To Play

    Rogue Company  9.5/10

    Rouge Company is a team based shooter on Xbox, Switch, PS4, and PC.  It’s been out for a while now in early release which you could purchase for as little as $14.95 and as much as $59.99 depending on how many perks you want in this free to play game.

    I purchased the $14.99 version which has 100% of the game playable and is very very fun.

    The producer of this game also made Smite and other popular free to play games on multiple video game platforms.

    You don’t have immediate access to all the characters but they can be unlocked for free with points you earn in game.  You can jump ahead to unlock some items and characters with some in game purchases.  They seemed a little pricy at $12 for many of the items in the store, but the game is actually free to play so if you want to help them out while making the game a little more fun with customizations.

    You jump out of a plane and attack with a team of 5 other players against 6 players.  Strategy is more important than some of run and gun FPS games like Call of Duty.

    If you have a console I would suggest downloading this awesome game for free ASAP.

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