This is not going to mention anything negative or positive about either side of the news.  If you like CNN or Fox News we aren’t going to annoy you here with political commentary…  just an interesting observation about the fact that CNN+ or CNN Nation may be coming soon and why this is interesting to even non-political people.

You may or may not know this but Fox News Channel added a “companion app” to FNC and Fox Business.  You watch it on your phone or Xbox/Roku and pay $5.99/mo for this extra programming and they say subscribe only if you are a Fox Super Fan.

The $5.99/mo service became a massive hit and the relative low cost to create service (it’s basically a premium video podcast service) started making bank for NewsCorp, Fox News Channels parent company.

Now CNN wants it’s regular viewers to pay $6/mo for a CNN Plus or CNN Nation streaming service.  Because of Fox Nation’s success they are reportedly in overdrive attempting to launch CNN+ ASAP, maybe within months.

You hear Hollywood sometimes make fun of itself, especially on The Simpsons, that it never has an original idea…  while it’s a cute joke, it’s clearly not actually true, but they sure do actually copy each other without much concern and now CNN, possibly Fox News’s biggest hater, is copying Fox Nation.

Kinda interesting to see this is happening even if you aren’t going to subscribe to either like me.

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