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Did Wonder Women 1984 Help HBO Max? Here Are The DETAILS

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  • Did Wonder Women 1984 Help HBO Max? Here Are The DETAILS

    At this point most people know that WarnerMedia plans to release all it’s new movies on HBO Max the same day as it releases in theaters for all of 2021.  How much will this effect HBO Max?  Here is the breakdown…

    Wonder Women 1984 is the first film to hit HBO Max this way.  With the now hit film being the first 4k title on HBO Max this may have also helped a bit on it’s huge number of views in addition to it’s fan base all being excited to see the movie.

    Wonder Women 1984 drew in about 500,000 new subscriber subscriptions along with Christmas subscribers.  The estimated new paid signups for HBO Max for Christmas week was 554,000.

    While the new subscriber count increase is impressive, the engagement rate for the new movie with existing subscribers was huge.  Christmas weekend, about half of all HBO Max subscribers watched some or all of the movie.

    HBO Max may also be getting some new subscribers by being on Roku for the first time recently.  With so many factors effecting new sub counts it’s not clear exactly how much the movie added in the way of ongoing paid subs, but it was such a clear win for current subscriber engagement that WarnerMedia CEO almost immediately green lit another Wonder Women film.

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