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Has Tropical Smoothie Cafe Become The Perfect HEALTHY Fast Food Alternative?

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  • Has Tropical Smoothie Cafe Become The Perfect HEALTHY Fast Food Alternative?

    During the last year when no one was willing to leave their home for much of it I found myself ordering from Door Dash a bunch.  Being someone that figures if you take multi-vitamins you can enjoy the food you eat even if it’s something greasy from McDonald’s or Burger King I was shocked how much I ordered from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

    In fact Tropical Smoothie Cafe is ranked as my favorite restaurant in town based upon past usage in the Door Dash app.

    Why did I become a Tropical Smoothie Cafe health food fan when I enjoy and don’t worry about eating Big Macs and Pizzas?

    The simple short answer is they found out how to make healthy foods taste good, sometime crave worthy.

    If you try some of their sandwiches and wraps you will be pleasantly surprised by both the healthy factor when compared to fast food, but also that it is appealing enough you don’t miss the greasy burger that much that meal.

    I personally have become hooked on the Peanut Butter & Banana smoothie, the Blimey Limey smoothie, and the very tropical Beach Bum smoothie.

    Not only can you order that meal, since most of their wraps and sandwiches taste great for next meal you can order your dinner as well and put it in the fridge when ordering lunch, saving a trip to the store and/or saving money on tipping a second driver that evening.

    The pricing at Tropical Smoothie Cafe is also reasonable with most of their sandwiches and wraps under $8.  Making smoothies a part of your routine may be something worth considering.

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