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Disney’s newest stars at animal kingdom

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  • Disney’s newest stars at animal kingdom

    Catch up on all that’s new at Animal Kingdom in this new Disney+ series… including the newest arrivals in 2020. Rare and unusual animals were born this past year, and Disney’s Animal Team is very excited about all of them. Each marks a success for the Species Survival Plan… offering hope for the future.

    Meet Ranger, a baby white rhino born in October. He’s a handful for his mother, full of curiosity and energy. This spunky rhino, who weighed in at 150 pounds at birth, loves to wallow in the mud and practice zooming at objects with his budding horn. He’s definitely won over the keepers here at Animal Kingdom. Ranger’s name is a tribute to all the rhino rangers who protect rhinos in the wild from poachers. Ranger will make his debut soon on the savanna of Kilimanjaro Safaris, joining the rest of the crash (rhino herd).

    Meet Maple and Zella, two new Masai giraffes born a month apart this past year. Maple was named by keepers because one of her spots resembled a maple leaf. Zella means “beautiful girl who knows the path” in Swahili. Already they can be seen frolicking about on the savanna for guests aboard the Kilimanjaro Safaris to enjoy.

    Meet Karanga, a baby aardvark… a first ever to be born at Animal Kingdom. Karanga means “peanut” in Swahili. This little aardvark could be seen searching for ants with her long snout within hours of her birth.

    Meet Olive, the newest mandrill to join the troop. Her mother resembles the mandrill Rafiki from “The Lion King”Olive is already growing fast, exploring on her own and climbing solo in the trees.

    Keep up with all the latest news and arrivals at Animal Kingdom in the new series now streaming on Disney+, Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”.

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