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FALL GUYS Coming To Xbox, Maybe, Here Is The LATEST

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  • FALL GUYS Coming To Xbox, Maybe, Here Is The LATEST

    Thanks to streamers and big content creators playing Fall Guys the game has become extremely popular and millions of people are playing it on their Playstations.

    Play Station will remain the exclusive home to Fall Guys for a bit of time.  They have a timed exclusivity deal with Sony which makes the game exclusive to PS5 and not Xbox…  and it doesn’t appear that this contract runs out shortly.

    Many of you likely already heard an Xbox social media account state that Fall Guys will be coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass soon.  Then the game developer quickly denied this.

    Now the world is speculating did Microsoft accidently state this while the person using the social media account for Microsoft was thinking of a different game or is Fall Guys denying the game is going to other platforms because their contract with Sony requires them to only promote Sony’s Play Station until the exclusive contract is up.

    Sony will have the ability to pay to extend the exclusive contract with Fall Guys of course and the response by the Fall Guys developer denying a future Xbox game maybe because of a renewed or extended exclusive contract with Sony or just because they don’t want to answer questions about something that would effect their relationship with Sony.

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