Philo TV is the Live TV service that differentiates itself by being cheap at only $20/mo.  The service boasts an impressive app and channel count and includes major channels like MTV and Food Network.

Because of it’s low cost of service it sometimes feels like it is missing something, but they keep adding the occasional new channel which does a good job of rounding out the programming for different people and their different interests.

One place it intentionally lacked in at the start of it’s service besides locals and sports was news content since these three types of channels cost the most wholesale and they wanted to have a true low price point forever.

They have added a couple smaller news channels that don’t cost anything wholesale including Cheddar and Newsy.  With this new 24/7 weather news channel, AccuWeather really feels like it fills out the Philo TV lineup while keeping the cost the same for the customer.

AccuWeather TV is a 24/7 weather news channel, which when I last had access to it on the now defuncted DirecTV Now, was heavy on reporting current weather forecasts for the whole nation in a highly automated format.

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