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How are you handling covid-19?

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  • How are you handling covid-19?

    How are you dealing with covid-19 (coronavirus)? I've mostly been staying indoors and haven't ventured out at all lately. I've been letting my hair and beard grow out. It's going to be interesting venturing out into the real world after this.

    But in all seriousness, please stay safe everyone. This virus is a big deal and I hope you all stay safe. Do your social distancing and wash your hands.

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    Keeping yourself sanitized & protected and keeping social distance are only two things helpful right now. We just need to doing that.


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      I am not at risk for anything bad happening so I am just living life normal, well, as normal as I can. I know we are meant to be social distancing for the sake of those who can become very ill from the virus so I am mostly staying home. Honestly, not much has changed in that regard. I am not one to go out clubbing, drinking, or to be social events anyways.