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do you enjoy horror movies?

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  • do you enjoy horror movies?

    I love horror movies because they are a stress relief for me. The emotions I feel watching horror are more intense than any feelings of sadness or anxiety I may otherwise be experiencing, and horror movies distract me from those feelings.

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    Horror movies rock! My favorite is Halloween. I remember when I first saw it, I freaked out pretty good haha! I then saw Friday The 13th, and continued to watch horror. It's one reason I love Halloween the holiday so much.

    Oh and The Shining is a classic too.


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      Yup, I like horror/mystery movies. They entice an emotional reaction from you. They elevate your consciousness level. You are engrossed, enticed and freaked out at a same time when you are watching a quality horror movie.

      One of the finest example of art of Horroe movie is one Korean movie called "Wailing". No horror flick aficionado should miss this one.

      Click image for larger version

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        I will be honest here, no I don't. I was allowed to watch them at a young age. My parents didn't care so I think being exposed to it at a young age and not being scared ruined the genre for me. That and the fact that many of them overly sexualize their characters always put me off. I know not all of them do but a lot of them have.