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Worst movie you've ever watched?

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  • Worst movie you've ever watched?

    What would you say is the worst movie ever made? It can be anything you found to be utter trash, or it could be a bad movie that you like because it's so bad that it turns out to be good. For me, the worst movie I ever saw was that Movie 43 film. You think with it having an all star cast it would be something good, but it was not, there was no good moment in this film. Pass on it right away.

    As for a good bad movie, I recommend The Room. It's really bad, and was intended to be serious, but turns into this dumb comedy. But it's so worth watching. It's got a huge cult following.

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    I wouldn't say worst, but The LIghthouse was tedious to watch for me. It wasn't rightly paced at all. It was also too cliched. It's super hard to talk about a movie when you have no earthly idea what went on or why! Can I get that time back please?

    It's an abomination of film making that is often labelled as incoherent art! Not worth it.


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      jantar mantar (bollywood movie) hands down. Presented as a horror movie but had me literally laugh out load in the theater that i had to hold back my laughter cuz there were other people watching