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Best new game in 2020?

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  • Best new game in 2020?

    What's the best game you've played which was released in 2020? Or which game are you really looking forward to being released?
    Up till now, Dragonball Z is the best game I've played in 2020. The width of the game is just mindblowing, you can literally play the whole series as almost any character.

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    I want is Ghost of Tsushima because it looks like a masterpiece. Like look at the graphics it’s amazing and the trailer of that game was mind blowing


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      Best of 2020, probably the new Resident Evil 3 remake. I played it through last weekend and it was a total blast from start to finish. I hear it got some hate from fans because things were changed around, but I didn't have any problems with the changes. Though, I did kind of miss how shooting a zombie in the leg would sometimes blow it off like in RE2, but this one did not have that.

      Other than that, Doom Eternal was pretty good.


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        personally I'm really excited for Dungeon Defenders Awakened even if it isn't on this list it's still a great game