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Next Gen Consoles - PS5 and Xbox Series X

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  • Next Gen Consoles - PS5 and Xbox Series X

    What console will you be picking up day one? The PS5 or the Xbox Series X? I am interested in getting both to be honest, but I likely can only get one first and will have to wait for the other at a later date. I'm leaning more towards the PS5 though. What about you?

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    I used to be an Xbox girl, but since buying a PS4 my eyes have opened. There are way more games available for the PS. Yea, I'll miss out on the Microsoft exclusives like Halo, but the amount of games the playstation has compared to xbox makes up for that.

    If I were to buy a new console it would probably be the PS5.


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      both companies seem to be this'll be the first time I've ever considered of getting an xbx along with PS5, we all win in the end, this gen is going to be amazing!