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Android Vs Apple - Which is best?

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  • Android Vs Apple - Which is best?

    Android vs Apple, the war we never really cared for. What kind of phone do you prefer? Android based phones or Apple? Personally I prefer the ease of use Android offers. I think it's more open than Apple, which seems to be more closed off to people who want to mess around with their phones more. I like Apple too, but I think Android has better features for the most part. What's your opinion?

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    To be honest, I refuse to try an Apple phone. It looks very complicated. That's probably because I've been using Samsung my whole life and have gotten familiar with how their devices work, but still. I don't think I'll ever try an Apple.
    I wouldn't even dare to be honest because I talked my boyfriend out of getting an Iphone so I wouldn't be hearing the end of it if I got an Iphone myself ๐Ÿ˜‚


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      Iโ€™ve always been more of android guy, mainly stock android at that. But Iโ€™ve found myself having my sim on my XS Max. My s10 plus is awesome but man Face ID is working great, for apps, websites and app logins just seem so fluid and fast. When I tried Samsung pay on websites, it takes the fingerprint and I still have to put credit card info ๐Ÿ˜†


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        Shouldn't really brag about wireless charging because androids advantage is super fast charging ๐Ÿคจ


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          Apple is limited with a lot and has a higher security risk overall because no one knows how to properly protect themselves on their devices. Nine times out of ten, when you hear about a celeb having leaked images, it is through an iPhone. Android-powered devices aren't much better but do offer more security options and customization.